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“You can find anyone that will tell you what you want to hear, but the one worth valuing the most is the one who tells you what you need to learn.”

Shannon L. Alder

Solution Effect

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Solution Effect, Digital Experts, Our Company, Our People

The first time I sat down at a desktop computer, I was two years old, and I was immediately addicted. Even as a two year old, I learned that this “box” was something that could do for me things I had never done before. It could show me things I had never seen before. And so I learned–first to play, and then how to make it work. And I have been doing that ever since.

With the knowledge of computers over the years, I have won many trophys, and recognician, and earned a lot of money, but I think the thing that computers do the most, and in large part why I like them so much, is what they do for people. While many might argue this point, and certainly there have been many days, when I wanted to kill this “box”. When they work, they take a burden off, and they make life easier–for people. When they don’t work, they have saddled people with tremendous burden–to learn something difficult for them–and something they have little time for. And that has give my life purpose to a degree. I have found great reward in doing what now comes easy for me to help people to cross a bridge that is difficult for them. And I find great reward in that.

You see, first and foremost, Solution Effect Llc is about people–our employees, our venders, and our clients. Well, yes, Solution Effect is a state-of-the-art technology transfer company specializing in the analysis, design, development, implementation, and evaluation of websites for use in social media marketing for Government, Education, Medicine, Finance, Nonprofits, and Industry. Specifically, Solution Effect employees are experts in their respective fields boasting an impressive combined experience of 60 plus years developing digital communications for their clients and employers. That’s sixty plus years in helping people–and I like that.

We primarily develop websites in the Word Press Content Management System, port them to our secure, fast, and competent wpengine host server for use with our dynamically advancing Social Media Marketing techniques to draw new customers to a client’s business. And its all for one purpose–to get them over the bridge so they can do what comes easy for them. . . to help others.

Stephen (Steve) Gannon

Stephen (Steve) Gannon

Vice President

As one of the digital experts at Solution Effect, Vice President, Stephen Gannon, is no stranger to the technology transfer process with 35 years experience managing communication of some of our country’s most complex computer systems and providing business development for front-lines radio networks. Steve was originally trained in advanced electricity and weapon systems electronics as a Fire Control Technician in the U.S. Navy. With his Honerable Discharge from military service, he sought and received a BA in Communications, and has since received a Graduate Degree in Biotechnology Manufacturing.

Steve worked for several years as a Technology Transfer Specialist and Visual Information Specialist for the federal government (Bureau of Land Management) writing and producing technical books and video training courses on a variety of environmental and natural-resource science topics (over 50 technical books and several video and audio productions). He then went into management of technical writers and media developers in support of development of a variety of Government technical proposals, projects, and programs.

Steve has held a Government SECRET clearance for multiple projects including working as a Senior Engineering Writer for the Tomahawk Cruise Missile, the Advanced Cruise Missile (then a BLACK project), and Steve supervised the manuals for the nuclear reactor instrumentation for the Sea Wolf Submarine. Stephen Gannon worked for seven years as the Southern California Regional Manager for EMF Broadcasting (K-LOVE and Air1) managing eleven radio markets in Southern California.  Steve carries extensive training and experience in written communications, and strong experience developing audio, written, graphic, photo, video, internet, and multi-media presentations in support of public relations, training, sales, and communications of many products and services. He has spoken in front of groups from 10 to 12,000 and on the air (K-LOVE) to as many as 1 million people in a single broadcast.

Steve received a cash performance award ($500) from the Bureau of Land Management. Steve’s work has been commended by two members of former President Reagan’s cabinet (James Watt, former US Secretary of the Interior and Donald Regan, former US Secretary of the Treasury) as well as the Western Governor’s Policy Office. At EMF, K-LOVE, and Air1 out of then approximately 125 employees, Steve was only employee recognized with Employee of the Month cash award twice in two years (2002 and 2003).

, Cameron Gannon

, Cameron Gannon

Solutions Analyst 3

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