The Solution Effect Approach to Digital Marketing

The trick to making websites is knowing both what to do as well as what not to do.


The Solution Effect approach uses the Atlassian (Confluence, Jira, and Agile) tools to manage and document its website design and development process. What that means for your company is that the Solution Effect team will meet with you in person or via the internet in regular (we prefer weekly) and systematic meetings to analyze, design, develop, implement, and evaluate contracted products and services.

We define everything we will do beforehand including measurable objectives of what your company defines as success. And we document everything we do along the way. Each time we meet, we review the promised Sprints (measurable objectives) from the previous week and the solution proposed by Solution Effect Engineers. By using the Atlassian (Agile, Confluence, and Jira) processes, Solution Effect ensures success for our clients and we drastically minimize doing work over.

Part of our services (Needs Analyses) are free and even if you eventually choose not to do business with Solution Effect, you walk away with many extremely valuable insights into your company’s current situation, and hopefully some solutions to help you along your chosen path.

Solution Effect processes may be divided into three distinct phases to make a company’s web site and marketing strategies technologically healthy and extremely competitive for each company’s marketplace.

They include:

  1. Needs Analyses
  2. Establishing an Operational Baseline
  3. Strategic Social Media Marketing

Needs Analysis

The Solution Effect Needs Analysis begins with a contact and an appointment. At the apponted time, we will meet with you on our dime either at your company, at a predetermined location, or on the internet via a WEBEX meeting. Our engineer(s) will meet with you and your staff to ask you a questionaire of 65 questions (plus or minus a few). Once those questions are answered, our engineers will know a significant amount about your company’s digital struggles, your digital footprint, your vision for the future, your goals and objectives, your marketplace, your competitors, and perceived and real problems slowing success. This knowledge will enable us to write and propose a contract for solutions based upon your answers to our questions. Once received, you can sign the contract as written, negotiate changes, and/or move to the next phase. . . Establishing An Operational Baseline.

Establishing an Operational Baseline

When establishing an operational baseline, there is so much to consider. Strategy is critical from the point of defining and purchasing a domain name to having a website that incorporates solid search engine optimization and responsive design. Is the website handshaking seamlessly with all common search engines? Does the website load fast? Is the website secure and easily reconstructed? Lack of a solid operational baseline is what prevents companies from the strategic marketing that is otherwise available to them.

Once the Solution Effect contract is signed, we will have our first meeting. Solution Effect uses the Attlassian, Confluence, and Jira analysis, design, development, implementation, and evaluation tools for building, maintaining, and marketing its websites. This allows Solution Effect to incorporate our team into your team to define success before we start building or marketing. It enables us to track and document what we have done and what we have yet to do on agreed-upon tasks. It allows us to deliver on time and often under budget.

In addition, we port nearly all of our websites to our reliable and powerful, fast, and secure WPengine host server. We ensure your website is handshaking well with all common search engines. We analyze your search engine optimization, and evaluate your website’s responsive design (How well does your website communicate and present itself on all platforms from desktop computers to laptops, to phones to e-readers?). Establishing an operational baseline is critical to our eventual social media marketing success.

Social Media Marketing

When it comes to Social Media Marketing, a social media expert first understand the customer and their vision and style. Secondly, an expert must be an active knowledgeable, and powerful user of the various social media applications. An expert must understand website analytics, search engine optimization, and keyword search dynamics. Social Media Experts must know and understand communication mediums including audio, written, graphic, photo, video, and internet mediums and how they interrelate with the various social media application programs to attract a user’s attention.

Social Media Marketing experts need to understand what makes a potential customer tick, but equally important, they need to have a working knowledge of what makes a person “click”. At Solution Effect, all of the above has become a full-time course of study for us. The field is dynamic and changing rapidly, and it is a full time job just keeping up. That’s why, it’s most effective when your company develops the products and services that are your company’s specialty, and let Solution Effect lend guidance and direction to your Social Media Marketing.

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