That’s a Good Question–Who to Choose!

At Solution Effect, we know we have to work hard for you to choose us to do your company’s web site. I’m reminded of the Led Zepplin song, Stairway to Heaven, “. . . yes, there are two paths you can go by, but in the long run, . . . ”  At Solution Effect, we know you are probably being inundated with calls from people wanting you to choose them to give you a new web site.  But they are not businesses that can earn your trust and personal attention.  They are not businesses you would ordinarily choose.  Solution Effect is able to earn your trust and we believe, to finish the song, “. . .  there’s still time to change the road you’re on.” Here’s five reasons in the order of least important to most important of why you should choose Solution Effect.

  1. Family-Owned Business.  Solution Effect is a local Julian, Lakeside, and San Diego County company–when you choose Solution Effect, you choose a father and three sons working together with shared talents and unique experiences.  But though Solution Effect is small, their shared experiences are huge. They bring a wealth of experiences working in communications with and for the Federal Government, industry, education, the food industry, and commerce, with projects presenting engineering, natural resource sciences, advanced electronics, manufacturing, retail, radio and media,  banking, and insurance.  But more than that; they are family; they are committed to each other; they have each other’s back.  In short, they will NOT let the ball drop.
  2. Exemplary Character. Solution Effect Managers track record of exemplary character, integrity, and discernment seperate us from our competition. In short, we are trusted.  Solution Effect President, Dustin Gannon has developed projects for many of the top corporate credit union and banking outlets in America.  His crowning achievement has been developing a software system for the Central Intelligence Agency’s (CIA) Credit Union.  Steve Gannon is known for his Communications background managing several of the top Christian radio markets in the United States.  In addition, Steve has worked for civil Government, and the Defense Department on two SECRET projects and one BLACK project–all with a record of integrity.  His work has been commended by two Presidential cabinet members and the Western Governors Policy Office.  Steve is also a Navy veteran with an honorable discharge.
  3. Experience and Technology Know How.  Solution Effect is competent in a plethora of state-of-the-art content management systems (CMS): Word Press, Drupal, and Joomla. Open source CMS systems mean literally millions of options to choose from–some better and some worse. We know the best features of each, and can select the CMS and the right Web Site Apps for giving your company the functionality you need.  SE knows the applications that are right for your company–and if we don’t know it, we know the fastest way to learn it. We have a solid design and build philosophy that ensures your web site will perform to its maximum potential giving you time and resources to spend doing what you do best–growing your own company.
  4. Your Business’s Web Site Works.  Every company is positioned differently.  You may not even have an existing web site.  Your web site may be antiquated and dysfunctional.  It may not allow you ease and versatility in making necessary changes.  But one thing we guarantee, if you contract with us, when Solution Effect is done, your company’s web site will work–and it will work well.  It will do everything we have promised and everything you have dreamed–and it will do it better than it did before.  AND using built-in analytics, if you’ll let us, we’ll prove it to you.
  5. Your Business Makes More Money. They say insanity is “. . . doing what you have always done, the way you have always done it, and expecting a different result.”  At Solution Effect, we don’t think you’re insane, we think you’re just busy doing what you do best–running your own business.  And we know you are probably getting hundreds of calls per month from India, and Pakistan, and all over who knows where to get you to choose them.  You know you need to make a change, but you don’t know  who you can trust because you don’t speak the language.  Let us help.  Let us come to your office for a free demonstration, and sit down with you for one hour, and we will show you how Solution Effect can make you more money.  By the end of the meeting, you will know us, and we will know you.  And we will both know it’s right.  You will know who to choose.

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